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When a situation occurs where you need to notify a group of people, you simply go to the nearest touch tone phone to activate Alertcast. Your group lists are all set up when you subscribe to Alertcast. When you make the call, an easy-to-follow voice mail program will lead you through the necessary steps.

You can record a different message, up to 90 seconds long, for each group list you will be notifying. You determine at the beginning of each event which list or lists to use, how many times each person will be called, how you want people notified, whether you want to use a quota system, what sort of reporting you will need, and what your personalized message will be. Then Alertcast does the rest.

This subscription-based service is a cost-effective way to accurately and quickly notify people in an emergency. The sooner you reach people, the sooner they can respond. And in an emergency, time can be more precious than anything.