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Whether you are involved in business continuity planning, emergency preparedness, business continuation or disaster recovery, Alertcast is a simple cost-effective way for you to reach the people you need to when you need to reach them.

Alertcast lets you do things like the following:

Inform employees, corporate executives or your organization's management when there is an accident, crisis or other urgent situation.

Contact area residents when an evacuation is needed.

Reach the media about special situations so information can be relayed quickly, accurately and simultaneously.

Notify on-call responders when there's a chemical spill or hazardous waste accident.

Alert volunteer and off-duty firefighters when additional help is needed.

Alert workers in the event of weather emergencies such as floods, snow storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

Call in reserves for traffic control.

Contact area residents and resorts during a lake advisory.

Reach off-duty medical staff in case of severe accidents, fires or other emergencies.

Call SWAT units or police officers immediately for situations involving potential danger or risk to the public.