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The Alertcast ® emergency notification service is a time saving service that enables you to easily contact a large number of people in an emergency. It works by allowing you to record a message from any touch-tone phone and then simultaneously broadcast it to everyone you need to reach. This let's you contact the people you need to, quickly and effectively in any situation.

Alertcast makes your job easier in an emergency.

Alertcast is perfect for emergency preparedness, continuity planning, and disaster recovery applications where response time is important. The faster you can notify people in an emergency, the faster they can respond, or stop worrying and calling for information.

Alertcast is a subscription based service so there is no special equipment and no need to lease dedicated phone lines. You pay only a low yearly subscription fee for the Alertcast service plus actual usage.

Recipients of your Alertcast message do not need special training or equipment.

It's easy to use. You make a single toll-free call, 24 hours a day from any touch tone phone, record a message, and your message is immediately broadcast simultaneously to each person on your list. Alertcast has reporting features that let you know with certainty who has received your message.

To learn more about how Alertcast works call 651-665-0035.